Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homemade frozen roti

Are you a kind of person, who does preparatory works on weekends and do a little work on weekdays, specially when it comes for food?

My Chita Mami used to do lot like this when I was staying with her in Chennai. She will cut all the vegetables required for the week, prepare Idli / Dosa batter ready, sometimes she also make Milagu kuzhambu, puli kachal, tomato thokku for Monday's lunch. This preparatory work always make our work easy. She is very smart and fast and in 1.30 hrs she will make sambar / Rasam, curry, sadam for lunch, breakfast. Also pack 3 set of lunch boxes, get ready herself.  Everything used to be very easy and fast because of the already cut veggies.

Frozen roti is one such thing.

Though I am not lazy to cook and have plenty of time, I still have the frozen roti in stock for those emergencies. This will be very handy whenever we come home late and are either too bored or tired to cook. I used to buy my supply of frozen rotis from the grocery store. While it was cheap and convenient, it felt a bit 'heavy' and I could never eat more than 2 rotis in a meal. I then realised why shouldn't I try the same at home.

Ingredients :
Roti dough - prepare as per your taste
12" x 12" size Cut Polythene sheets
Some oil

Method :
--- Make the roti dough and press the rotis as usual.
--- Take a  polythene sheet, oil it on a side. Place the roti on oil side.
--- Brush some oil on the other side and place ne more polythene sheet.
--- The pressed dough should be sandwiched between the sheets.
--- Make as many roti as you want and repeat the same procedure.
--- Put all the sandwiched rotis in a ziplock bag and throw it in the freezer.

This will stay upto 2 months, I tried many times.

Whenever you want to cook, these rotis are no need to be thawed. Just take it from the freezer remove the sheet and put them on hot pan and cook it. If you keep it out then it will stick on to the sheet.


  1. Frozen rotis are extremely handy, i do this often..

  2. Thanks for the idea. I should try this. Have been eating out a lot lately since I get too tired and lazy to cook after getting back home late.

  3. what a gr8 idea! thnx for sharing.

  4. Hi Preethi,

    Great idea...:)


  5. Good idea when wife is out for long and hubby needs something homemade.

  6. You have been tagged in my blog Preeths...Go have a look at it..


  7. Amazing idea..


  8. Hello,

    I tried it but rotis gets hard. Any idea for soft rotis.

  9. Dear Anonymous,
    Happy that you tried these rotis at home, at the same time feeling sad that your rotis were hard. I think the hardness might be because of the roti dough ingredients, nothing to do with the freezing. I have tried methi rotis, regular rotis, carrot grated with roti dough, the result were good. I always get soft rotis.
    For Roti dough, I use wheat flour, salt and required amout of water. I will make the dough itself little soft and rest it for minimum 1-2 hours. Then roll the rotis.
    Hope this will help you. Thanks for visiting my page. Also please post your result if you are trying this again.

  10. Hello Dear,

    I tried the rotis once again last week and it came out very well. Thanks for the idea. ;)

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    Glad that, it came out well... Thanks for trying this recipe again.

  12. where can we get these polythene sheets ?

  13. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all, sorry for my very late reply :))
    Hope you can check in any craft shop or any packing material shop. I recycled some polybag which came with packing materials.

  14. Thanx for a easy and good idea

  15. thanks Preeti, this is just what I was looking for... but was unsure whether it would work.. thanks again

  16. hi Preeti

    thank you for easy cooking tips. makes life so much easier for us working woman.
    just quick question, any chance I can freeze cooked roti?

    1. Hi. Glad you liked my site. Thanks for visiting.
      Regarding your query, im not sure about freezing cooked roti

  17. hi Preethi,
    thank you for cooking tips especially us career woman.
    please confirm can I freeze cooked roti?

  18. Yes, you can also freeze cooked rotis; in fact it is even more convenient than having to cook every time. Just thaw the cooked rotis in microwave or on a tawa.

  19. Hi how can I warm these pre made frozen roties around 10-20 at a time in microwave

  20. Hi how can I warm these pre made frozen roties around 10-20 at a time in microwave

  21. Hey, I bought the frozen rotis but when I cooked them, they become extremely hard and brittle when they cool down. Any idea why?

  22. Hey, I have bought frozen rotis but when I've cooked them, they become hard and brittle in a couple of seconds of taking them off the heat. Any thoughts on why?


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