Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colorful Kadappa

Kadappa, for me a place in Andra Pradesh, India till two years ago, I never know this as a South Indian recipe. When ever I ask Karthik, what to prepare for dinner, always his reply will be Puri Kadappa or Idli Kadappa, or Pongal Kadappa, the list goes endless with kadappa. I am not kidding, he always asks the same to me. This is his favorite recipe.

Its very simple, rich in flavour and easy to make. Long ago, my in-law told this recipe over phone. I did so many plus and minus to the recipe and arrived this final version. I have not tasted this recipe anywhere still. So I don't know the real taste of the kadappa. All I know is only my version. Longing to taste this recipe soon some where !

Ingredients :

1/4 cup -- Moong Dal
1 no -- Medium Potato
1 no -- Medium size Tomato
1 no -- Medium size Onion
1/2 tsp -- Turmeric
1/4 cup -- Coconut milk**
Few strands of curry leaves
Salt to taste
2 tsp -- Oil
1/2 tsp -- Fennel seeds
1 " length -- Cinnamon

Flavouring Ingredients : To be ground into a fine paste
4 tbsp -- fresh grated coconut
4 tbsp -- Roasted gram
1 no -- Cloves
1/4 tsp -- Poppy seeds (Kasakasa)
1/2 tsp -- Fennel seeds
1 no -- Cardamom
2-3 -- Garlic pods
4 nos -- Green chilly **
Few Ginger

Method :
--- I know you people will be surprised to see a whole list of Masala items in the flavouring column, these ingredients gives that fantastic flavour to this dish. According to your taste, you can add or reduce the items and the amount.
--- Pressure cook the moong dal and potato.
--- While that is cooking, grind all the flavouring ingredients and dice the tomato and the onion.
--- Heat up a sauce pan to medium heat with the oil and once it is hot, add the fennel seeds and the cinnamon stick.
--- Then add the diced onions and saute them for few minutes, add the ground masala mixture to the onion along with the turmeric powder and saute the mixture till the raw smell of the mixture turns into nice aroma.
--- To the onion mixture add the diced tomatoes, curry leaves and cooked dal.
--- Peel the potato skin and dice them into small cubes and add to the dal. According to the gravy consistency add the water.
--- Cook the dal mixture for one boil and turn the heat off. Oops, forgot to add salt. Add salt and mix well before turning off the heat.
--- Now add the coconut milk to the kadappa and mix well. This step is optional, this is the first time I tried it and the taste was extra ordinary.

Hot yummy kadappa is ready to serve along with your wonderful Pongal, Idli, ...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Karuveppilai (Curry leaves) Pasta

Two day ago, I experimented this new recipe, since I wanted to finish a big bunch of curry leaf which was lying in the fridge for a week. And the result for my new attempt is this Indo Italian fusion recipe, Karuvepilai (curry leaf) pasta.

Though its only the trial version, Karthik enjoyed the pasta a lot. After having my first spoon, I was telling Karthik that something was missing. I want to correct it but will not do this recipe next time, because I am not a big fan of curry leaf recipes, so I didn't like it. As usual he encouraged me and had the pasta twice. Me, didn't go for second time :(

When you Cook for two, you will always end up with some left overs. This time, I ended up with little more than usual. The next day, I added some ingredients to the left-overs and had the same. It tasted very good. Hope you all can enjoy the same in the first trial itself.

Ingredients :
1/2 cup -- Curry leaves
3 tbsp -- Urad Dal
4 nos -- Red Chilli
1 tsp -- Dhania seeds
1 tsp -- Asafoetida
1 no -- Lemon
Salt to taste
Multi grain / Whole wheat Spaghetti -- Approximately 1/2 lb or less

Method :
--- Heat a non stick pan in medium heat.
--- Add little oil to fry the urad dal, dhaniya seeda and red chilli. Fry them till the dal color changes to golden red.
--- Let the mixture to cool.
--- Meanwhile cook the pasta according to the direction given on the pack and keep it ready.
--- Once the dal mixture is cooled, transfer them to mixer jar and grind along with the washed curry leaves.
--- Add little water and grind to a paste consistency.
--- Again take the same pan, add little oil and put the paste and fry them in medium heat till the raw curry leaf smell subsides and a nice aroma fills the kitchen.
--- Karuvepilai (curry leaf) chutney is ready. Now mix this mixture to the pasta.
--- If you feel the mixture is too dry to mix in pasta, add very little pasta water and mix well.
--- Add the frsh lime juice to the pasta, to get the tinge of tangy taste.

Tadaan, Indo Italian fusion pasta ready to serve.

Hope you all guessed right. This is the same Karuvepilai chutney we prepare to mix in the rice. Instead of mixing it in the rice, I used pasta.
Okay, now I tell you what I did the next day to the left over pasta. I added lime juice and a dash of salt. I have mentioned the same above. Hope often I try this pasta at home :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bisibelabath from a different angle

Hi all, presenting Preethibhojan now from Singapore.

After enjoying 4 months with our family, last month, we moved here. Oh my, the last 4 months, I hardly went to the kitchen.  Learnt some new recipes and many tips both from my mom and from my in-law. Even though I enjoyed regular food like a rice, sambar, curry and rasam, all the time I ended up with a new taste. Wonder how the tastes differs from person to person.

Now I am back to my den, our new home with a big open kitchen. Tuning up slowly to my routines. As a result of 4 months enjoyment me and Karthik put on lot of weight. So we both took an oath to get back into our shape again.

As a result of that, here comes an healthy recipe 'Bisibelabath' from my new kitchen.

If you ask, What is healthy in it ? The answer is Cracked wheat bisibelabath. Is in it healthy !

I moved last week to this home, with some basic ingredients. With that I wanted to try something different and the same time healthy. While this was in back of my mind, I was chatting with one of my friend and a fellow blogger, Priti singh from Indian Khana. While I was talking to her, I came across this recipe from her blog. Tadaan a flash in me, why can't I try bisibelabath using cracked wheat.

1 cup -- Cracked wheat
1/4 cup -- Toor dal
3 tbsp -- Chana dal**
2 cup -- Diced vegetables **
3 tsp -- Tamarind paste**
2 tbsp -- Chilli powder**
Salt as per taste
** Tamarind and chilli powder put according to your taste.
** Diced vegetables - You can put according to your taste. I would strongly recommend Red Pumpkin or squash, green capsicum, drum stick.
** Chana dal is optional. Adding this will give a wonderful texture and taste.

For seasoning : Oil, Chana dal, Urad dal, Mustard seeds, 2-3 Red chilli, Asafoetida

Method :
As Priti has mentioned in Indian Khana blog, we have many ways to make this dish. I tried my mom's way. But we do put our secret bisibelabath mixture to enhance the taste. Since I did not have a mixer, I did
without the secret mixture.
--- Take a pressure pan and add cracked wheat, toor dal and chanadal along with the diced vegetables.
--- Add 3 cups of water and pressure cook. Leave only one whistle and turn off the cooking
--- Once the pressure is released, open the cooker and add the tamarind paste, chilli powder and salt.
--- Again pressure cook it for 2 more whistles.
--- When the pressure is released, bisibelabath is ready.
--- Add the seasoning to the above mixture and serve hot with crunchy vadam.

Easy, healthy one pot meal is ready to serve. There will not be much difference from the regular bisibelabath to this.