Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy peasy biscuit canape

Grab one soon before it gets over...

Canape - an appetizer consisting of a thin slice or piece of bread toasted or fried in butter or oil, on which anchovies, mushrooms, caviar, cheese, or other savory foods, are served (Source:

How happy it will be when our kutti kutti childhood desire comes true after many years? I felt the same today after clicking these colorful cool canapes.

Long long ago, me and my sister saw a biscuit advertisement in a magazine in which the biscuits were topped with many layers and served colorfully. That time we did not know much about the cheese and toppings, so we simply used a Maggie tomato ketchup.

After many years, the time I started to know much about cooking and special ingredients used to give catchy look to the dish, I realized how simple it is to do topping over a biscuit. When I tried this biscuit canape today, the 12 year in me took over and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of preparing and serving this dish.

Ingredients :

Salt biscuit for base.
Cheese slice of any kind.
Thinly sliced mixed vegetables
   -- Carrot,
   -- Cucumber,
   -- Onion,
   -- Cilantro,
   -- Tomato.
Grated cheese and crunchy savory mixture.
**Note : There is no specific measure for the ingredients, prepare as much as you like. I am not going to restrict by giving the measurements.

Method :
--- This easy peasy biscuit canape is very simple, its only layering of all the ingredients.
--- Arrange the biscuit over the serving plate. Choose the plate according to your theme, because once we start layering it will be difficult to change the plates.
--- Take the cheese slice and cut into small squares or triangles according to the size of the biscuit.
--- Place the cheese slice over the biscuit as a second layer.
--- Take a spoonful of mixed vegetable and put it on the top of the cheese. This forms the third layer.
--- To make it little more crunchy, top the vegetables with little savory mixture.
--- Drizzle some finely grated cheese as a last layer.
--- The easy peasy biscuit canape is ready to rock the party

Variations :
--- You can use vegetables like green, red or yellow bell peppers, will give nice color to the plate.
--- Also to make it little spicy, you can use any ketchup in the bottom layer.

These canapes will be a best for any parties or quick snacks. Easy to make and so colorful to look.


  1. Quick and wonderful canape,awesome!

  2. Wow! that looks very inviting and totally yum!

  3. Oh! what a simply yet mouth watering snack idea - Would like to pop several of those in my mouth just now :)


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