Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate fudge using Marshmallows

Phew, after 3 days of great struggle, I took this photo.

I know this is a not great looking photo, but Im happy to report that it tasted better than it looks. The day after I made this fudge, I was waiting for a clear morning sunshine but as it always happens, the whole day was fully dark and it was raining heavily. Next couple of days tried some shots and all were disaster. By this now, the jar of fudge has been reduced to just 4 pieces.

I was having some ingredients in my pantry hiding for a long days. So decided to put all in one and make a sweet dish and good thing is it turned out very good.

Ingredients :
3 cup -- Sugar
1 cup -- Heavy cream
1 cup -- Evaporated milk
200 gm -- Marshmallows
6 tbsp -- Unsweetened Chocolate powder
3/4 cup -- Unsalted butter
1 tsp -- Fine salt
1 cup -- Chopped nuts
1/4 cup -- milk

--- Take a big heavy sauce pan and mix the sugar, butter, heavy cream and evaporated milk in medium heat.
--- Sieve the cocoa powder and mix the powder in the milk without any lumps.
--- And the cocoa milk mixture and salt to the sugar and mix well.
--- Stir the sugar mixture in medium heat until the quantity is reduced to half. No need to stir constantly, good news is you can very well take a break and do in frequent intervals.
--- But have an eye on the mixtuure while boiling. Be careful the mixture might overflow, so tall utensil is preferable. I used a pan then in half way changed the mixture to pressure cooker, since the mixture started to overflow while boiling.
--- Meanwhile toast the chopped nuts. I used almonds.And also grease the plate with butter and keep it ready.
--- Once the quantity is reduced to 1/4th, add the marshmallows.
--- And stir for few minutes till the marshmallows are dissolved in the cocoa mixture.
--- Drop a spoon of gooey mixture in a cup of ice water, If you able to make a soft ball then immediatey switch off the heat and add the toasted nuts and mix well.
--- Transfer the mixture to the greased pan and let it cool completely.
--- Using a greased knife, cut the chocolate fudge.

I cut my fudge an inch size so I got around 60 - 70 pcs. Adding salt gave a unique taste to the chocolate fudge and marshmallows gave a nice soft texture.