Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Banana Bread

Bananas are the one and only fruit in my grocery list every week. Never knows how it gets over in my home. Some times my husband will have it for the break fast. I used to eat bananas for breakfast and also as main meal for my Lunch not now...! Those are the days, before my in-laws arrival.
Also I mainly use it for baking, will always use bananas in the place of eggs. So in some form we will have bananas daily.

Last week, we had left with over ripen Bananas. From the day it started to change color from normal yellow to golden yellow, my mother in law was asking us to eat. Me and my husband found the jar of cookies more tempting. After a day, the color of the banana changed more, the black dots over the skin spread all over the banana. Neither I liked to eat it or to throw. So decided to bake cookies using it.

I wasted one more day and the bananas were looking very bad at this point, the skin was totally blackish, but fortunately the fruit inside was unspoilt. I searched for a new dish and found one but I could not try that as the quantity of banans that I had was not sufficient. Planning to make tomorrow, if it turns out well sure I will share with you.

With the above mentioned 2 bananas, I did banana bread, from 'Medhaa's' blog. It was a big surprise to my in-laws and to my husband, because I just went inside the kitchen and came out with a lovely, tasty bread. Didn't gave them any hint about baking.

Recipe here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nanaimo Bars

At last I did it...

Hope you didn't forget my earlier post ' Cocoa burfi' and my experiment with Nanaimo bars. And also I promised that Hit or Flop I will share with you all.

I tried Nanaimo bars yesterday and here is the result. My first two layers were perfect, had a little difficulty in the third layer. Yet it was a big hit.

Nanaimo bars are rich in taste. No simple words can fully describe the taste of it, unless you try one. Nutty bottom layer filled with lots of Walnuts, Coconut, wafers, sweet and cocoa. Middle layer with soft custard Icing and the Top layer with rich chocolaty taste. Want to try this recipe at once, pls click here for the recipe with clear steps and photos from Chef in You.

Thus comes to frutition, one of my long pending chocolate dreams.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Graham crackers cocoa Burfi

This is another recipe like Chocolate Brownies where I started with one recipe and ended with another. Wanted to include this dish in my earlier post 'Need another attempt' , since this recipe also has a nice story I wanted to post it separately.

Graham crackers coco burfi, I chose this name for the burfi.
I wanted to try 'Nanaimo bars', the three layered chocolate desert from Chef In You. Since I am a chocolate lover, wanted to eat this chocolate, nutty bars. On fine day, I started this. Since this recipe has 3 layer I started with the first layer.

OK, let me give a short break to the story and see some facts about 'Nanaimo Bars'

The Nanaimo bar is a dessert of Canadian origin popular across North America. Made of chocolate no-bake square, it is named after the West-Coast city of Nanaimo, British Columbia.
The bar originated in Ladysmith south of Nanaimo in the early 1950s. Mabel Jenkins, a local housewife from Cowichan Bay, submitted the recipe to the annual Ladysmith and Cowichan Women's Institute Cookbook. The first printing of recipes featuring Nanaimo Bar ingredients is found in the 1952 Women's Auxiliary to the Nanaimo Hospital Cookbook. They are referred to as the Chocolate Square or the Chocolate Slice. Some say the first use of the name Nanaimo Bar was in an Edith Adams cookbook printed in 1953. (Facts from Wikipedia)

Welcome, after a short break :))

I was nearing the finishing stage of first layer, enjoyed the moment as if I finished making the whole recipe. There started a problem, all the ingredients were still not bound together to form as base layer. Again I went to the site and read all the ingredients and steps. Oops , I over looked a main thing which binds all :((

That main thing is egg !!! Now this is a problem :-(

Gave some work to my brain, took the milkmaid can from my pantry shelf. Without any measure I added half a tin to the base mixture. Now, the whole mixture become little gooey. The whole joy vanished in a moment, one good thing I did was didn't started anything for next two layers. Wanted to make some good sweet out of the mixture.
Tadaan, tadaan, tadaan... Background music.

In a sauce pan I added 2 tsp of milkmaid and 6-7 tsp of cocoa powder mixed well. Turn on the flame very low, after 3-4 minutes added the gooey cocoa, graham crackers, almonds, coconut mixture and mixed well for few more minutes, Until it formed more solid gooey mixture. Transferred that in to the greased pan. After few minutes, cut them and made nice coco burfis.

Dear All, wish me luck, I am going to try Nanaimo bars again next week :))
Hit or flop I will share with you all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Need another attempt

In my earlier posts I have been sharing you about my hits in the Kitchen, under 'Tried and Tasted'. This post for a change I am going tell you all about some recipes,  which I think need more work.

Stuffed Potato

I just steamed the potatoes for few minutes. Then cut into halves and baked it at 400 F for 10 minutes. Then cut the potatoes in to two halves. Scooped the potatoes leaving a thin layer with the skin. Again bake the potatoes for 20 more minutes. The crust will be crunchy now. Don't throw away the scooped potatoes.  Mix the potatoes with cream cheese and season with salt and pepper as per taste. Just for a small crunch I added carrots.
My husband loved it. But still I am not satisfied with what I did. Wanted to try it again. Wish me luck :))

Potato and  Dill Biscuit

My husband love potatoes, who doesn't like it ? Answer - My sister :(( She didn't like Potatoes at all. We always call her 'Vichitra Piravi'. Ok, let me come to point. He saw this recipe in Chef in you and asked me to do this. Luckily I had all the ingredients except Dill, I replaced it with jeera. Followed all the steps and baked the biscuits.
For me it looked like roti, taste was OK. The biscuit become so hard next day. Wanted to try this again :))

Photo missing !

Sorry, no picture for this. Accidentally deleted the image from my SD card and I frantically searching for a data recovery tool to recover my images

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fresh Plum bread

 I baked bread last week for the first time. Baking bread has been my desire for long time. As once DK said, even I used to think baking bread is only possible in the bakery and big oven. From what I gathered from many cookery blog I realised that this might be possible even at my home. So I tried a recipe from my favorite site, Chef in you

I tried this recipe using Sour cream instead of Butter milk. Also I topped this bread with lots of walnuts and oats. After an hour the aroma filled the whole house. After waiting for few more minutes, delicately took the bread from the pan.

This is again one more sweet surprise to my in-laws. It tasted little sour, sweet with each bite leaving a rich and delightful taste of plum and nuts. If you like to try this bread, pls click here .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Savory Muffin

My husband always asks me to try any savory type baking. I will tell some reasons to escape from him and from savory baking. Few days ago, before arrival of my in-laws I bought a packet of Corn meal, searched  and found many recipes. In that, I tried the one for which I had all the ingredients ready at home . Tadaan..... It is savory cheese corn muffins.

Its a easy and a wonderful recipe. Main ingredients needed are 
2 measures of self raising flour,
1 measure corn meal
More than a cup of cheese.
Milk used as binding agent. As per taste salt and pepper should be added. If we wish we can also add some fresh herbs for the color and taste. Also add 2 tsp of Olive oil.

Mix all the dry ingredients first and then add milk and slowly fold the flour with milk and form a thick batter. Now pour the batter in the muffin plate and bake  in  a preheated oven at 350 F for 15 - 20 minutes until the muffins become golden colour.  

I tried this recipe from Priya's Easy and Tasty recipes.