Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its Mango time... Mango rice

March month is marching fast. One side cricket world cup, other side board exams, in between elections. Oh, the days are really running fast. The good thing about this month are the fresh mangoes. The green fresh mangoes are already in the markets.

I like to eat mangoes in all the form, fresh green mango, pulpy fruit mango, dried mango pickles, yummmm. My mother will make different variety recipes using the mangoes. Starting from March till May, almost daily we have mango in our meal. Either it will be in sambar, pickle, pachadi, rice, vatha kuzhambu, thokku, mango paruppu, etc. Living in the US for the past couple of years, I missed mangoes a lot. We do get mangoes all through the year and mangoes imported from India during the summer but it was that very rare bunch that had the taste and flavour.

Mangoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant.These comforting enzymes act as a digestive aid and can be held partially responsible for that feeling of contentment we experience during and after our daily mango ritual. An average sized mango can contain up to 40% of your daily fiber requirement. (Facts : All about Mangoes)

In this season, I bought a couple of mangoes yesterday and tried one of my favorite recipe Mango rice.

The recipe for making the rice is very simple. It is more like making lemon rice.

Ingredients :

4-5 cup -- Cooked rice
1 no -- Mango**
1 tsp -- turmeric powder
1 tsp -- Mustard seeds
1 tbsp -- Chana dal
1 tbsp -- Urad dal
1 tsp -- Jeera
3 no -- Green chillies
Salt -- To taste
2-3 tsp -- Oil

Method :
--- Wash the mango, peel off the skin and grate it.
** Select the sour mango fot this recipe, you will enjoy it better.

--- Keep a pan in the medium heat, add oil. Once the oil is hot add the mustard seed, once its popped, add jeera, chana dal and urad dal.
--- Once the dal color is fried, add the grated mango, turmeric powder and green chillies.
--- Saute the mango for 5 minutes. Since we are using grated mango, cooking will be very fast.
--- Now mango mixture it is ready to mix.
--- Add the mixture to the mixed rice. According to your taste, add salt. You can add salt either in the last stage or while you saute the mango.

--- The rice is ready to serve.


  1. delicious tangy flavor... I'm loving this recipe!! Thnx for sharing.

  2. Yumm, mango rice makes me drool..my fav anytime..

  3. Wow....Very inviting and delicious mango rice !!!

  4. its mango time and am going to make this soon :)

  5. Delicious mangai saadham, love it:)


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