Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pongalo Pongal

Wishing you a very Happy Pongal...

From Jan 11th till yesterday, I was busy in the kitchen. In one week, 2 birthday dinner parties, a 3 day Pongal celebration, lots of different foods, (heavy sigh...). Hope, I will not cook for next two days. How many variety of food ?

This is the second time, I am celebrating Pongal away from my parents and in my apartment. As usual I celebrated with the fullest festivity. Though I missed my home, I did not miss anything from pongal rituals to food. The main highlight was I cooked for a small group of 6 people, including us.

First day, Bhogi pandigai. I cooked Puran poli, Bisibelibath, baked vadai. That very night I had a my kutti friend Kirthana's birthday party, so I helped her mom with the party.

Next day, Pongal, though I started everything a little late, but completed on time. In a hurry, I did almost everything. Put a nice kolam over my stove, decorated the pongal pot (vessel) with turmeric and kumkum. Did pooja to the pongal pot, screamed 'Pongalo pongal' in low tone :))

In our place, we all go and do pooja for Sun God in the open terrace. We take everything from the ground floor to the 2nd floor and do the pooja. We all scream 'Pongalo Pongal' in high tone and thank the Sun God. Here, we did pooja inside our apartment itself and thanked the Sun God.

-- Chakara pongal
-- Venpongal (Rice)
-- Plantain curry
-- Squash curry
-- Curd Pachadi
-- White pumpkin kootu
-- Vadai
-- Kosmalli
Compared to my mom's preparation, my list is very little. She cooks a lot. As always me and my sister are observers and helps her a lot in the kitchen.

Third day, Kanu pongal or mattu pongal. We keep the colored rice in the morning for the crow. This is my favorite festival, (Girly festival). My mom will keep us nalangu in the feet for us.We get new dress and money from my brother and uncles. Some of my uncles will give us the money after the Kanu also.  

I celebrated the kanu in the freezing cold...

Cooked a nice tamarind rice, coconut rice, paysam, applam and aviyal.

Have to wait for 3 more months for next celebration...


  1. Thats a great celebration Preetha, beautiful spread and droolworthy dishes..

  2. Happy Pongal Preetha!! The deco looks wonderful.. I am reminded of Home Sweet Home!!


  3. Ur brothers should feel proud of u that u hv celebrated ur kanu in freezing temp n ur demo pics awesome..

  4. Dear Preetha,

    The very post...makes me very nostalgic'...I am just recalling how I enjoyed pongal...as a kid. I always lived away from my family(hostel life) and missed all those traditions.

    Now, I hardly celebrate them...Dad called me on Pongal day to say it is pongal..., later that evening' I made pongal in 20 minutes and called it a day:(

    Love the way' you followed all the rituals and traditions associated with it. Looks divine, well described...In fact' its an eye opening post to me:)Thanks for sharing, dear:)


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