Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Homemade toffee

Believe me, this is the homemade caramel toffee. Even I can't believe myself.
Always wonder can we make toffee at home? Now, I got the answer, Yes we can !

Two months ago, I found this recipe in the Food Network magazine, under Christmas special treats. Its Ina Garten recipe, Fleur De Sel Caramels. From that day I wanted to try this, as you all know, I was little busy the whole month with cake decoration :))
As the name says, Ina Garten added Fleur De Sel  in her recipe, but I used the regular salt.

This caramel toffee is a simple, easy and delicious treat. Once you do it then you can use your imagination and try many more toffee having this as a base recipe. I am having many to try on...

Ingredients :

1 and 1/2  cup -- Sugar
1/4 cup -- Corn syrup
1 cup -- Heavy cream
5 tbsp -- Butter
1 tsp -- Salt
1/2 tsp -- pure vanilla extract

Methods :
--- Grease a 8" square pan and line with the parchment paper. Leave some extra paper hanging on each sides. Grease the paper lightly too.
*** I didn't have square pan, I used the round pan and struggled much for aligning the parchment paper.
--- For preparing sugar caramel, in a thick bottom sauce pan, add corn syrup, sugar and 1/2 cup water and bring it to boil in medium heat. In actual recipe, Ina garten have specified the measurement for the pan - 6 inches diameter by 4 1/2 inches deep.
--- At any point, don't stir the mixture with the spoon. If you mix it with a spoon then the whole mixture forms into crystals. Experience talk. If needed just swirl the pan using the handle. Do it very carefully. Boil the mixture until it turns into golden brown.
--- In the meantime in another pan, boil the heavy cream, butter and salt in the medium heat for 8-10 minutes. Keep aside the mixture.
--- When the sugar turns to mild golden color, turn of the heat. Take the cream butter mixture and add very slowly and carefully into the caramel mixture. Now you can use a wooden spoon to mix.
--- In this stage the caramel mixture will bubble up violently. So take utmost care while mixing the both.
--- Add the Vanilla extract to the mixture and bring it to medium heat.
--- Cook the mixture for 10 minutes.
*** In the actual recipe, the chef mentioned to cook until the candy thermometer shows 248F, I did not have one, so I checked the mixture consistency using our traditional method. After 8 minutes I took the spoon and dropped the mixture in the chill water, try to roll into solid mass. I checked 3-4 times and at last I was able to do it. If you have candy thermometer, its well and good.
--- Pour the caramel cream mixture into the grease pan and cool it for 3-4 hours
--- When the caramel is cold, take the parchment paper from the pan and cut into halves.
--- Make a log by rolling each half and cut the log into pieces according to the size you like. And sprinkle the Fleur de Sel on top of the each if using the same.
*** I didn't roll them into logs, I just cut them into rectangles.

This toffee reminded me many of my childhood toffees, Maha Lacto, Lacto king, Coffe bite, Aasai, some Parry company chocolates.

One interesting thing happened when I was wrapping this toffees. My uncle called us to wish for New year. He is a food technologist, worked in Parry company and doing consultancy for many leading food companies. He told me to add fondant before pouring into the pan and after cooling the mixture a little. This will avoid the toffee from sticking to our teeth.

I have to try the same in my next toffee. Will keep you posted on the result.


  1. Wooohooo,its wonderful and I love tofees very very much,I am bookmarking this happily,will try this out for sure and thanks for the recipe!

  2. Looks perfect n yummy, so professional ones

  3. Wow! It looks simple with a few ingredients to go in it. Any replacement for the corn syrup? Will honey or maple syrup work?

  4. Omg, feel like munching some now, tempting toffees..

  5. Priya, Sharmilee, Sanjeeta, Rajeswari -- Thanks a lot :)) All the comments are like a tonic for my writing and specially for my cooking.

    Sanjeeta -- The corn syrup is added to avoid crystalisation during the caramel process. You can use, lime juice, vinegar, cream of tartar. But not sure about the taste in the toffee. Hope this will help. http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Caramelize-Sugar-172973367


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