Saturday, May 15, 2010

Milagu Vadai

Sounds so crunchy and Yummy, no ?

I made this yummy, crunchy, peppery, bitterly tasted Milagu Vadai / Peppercorn fritters yesterday.

I had been busy for the past few days. I Wanted to add some colors to my home and was doing some handcrafts at home with paints, papers and tissues. To know what I did, please check here
Since I completed some of my tasks, I wanted a break. And moreover the weather was absolutely perfect. Day before yesterday, it was raining the whole night and the next day, it was neither sunny nor chilly. It was warm and more crisp. Full cloudy and the wind was blowing nicely. Who doesn't like this kind of weather... (Sorry, for the ones who is in India, specially Chennai)

I wanted to enjoy this with a nice snack. As usual I started hunting for the recipes. I found this recipe in my favorite website : chefinyou 

Already I had my soaked Dal for making Idly batter. I don't want to miss the weather and this instant crush towards the vadai. So without a second thought I started doing it. It really turned out well. When I tasted my first vadai (before my hubby) I felt a tinge of bitter taste in it, after that only I realised, along with the urad dal I added one tsp of Fenugreek seeds for my idlies.

Still the Milagu vadai was good to eat. We both had it and enjoyed the nice weather.

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  1. Milagu vadai super. Kovil prasadam neyabagam varudhu. :)

    I am here for the first time. You have a nice space. Keep it going dear. Will be back often to see whats up here. :)

    You are most welcome to my blogs too. Do peep in sometime.



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