Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potato Pasta basket

Last week I tried a whole lot of new recipe.

Its totally a different one... I experimented a little and combined 2 recipes into one.
Some times you have to do experiment with food and others with your new innovations (like what I m doing with my Hubby)

First recipe : baked-macaroni-and-cheese-cupcakes
Second Recipe : Eggs in basket
(To check the both the recipes, click here : First and Second )

When I saw the recipes in Food network show, I liked both. Wanted to something different like these recipes. Did bit research to make it as vegan recipe and after some time, decided to combine both in to one. Since both had meat and eggs in it.

Ok let me tell you what I did in my “ Potato Pasta Basket “.

From the second recipe I took only the potato part. Grated some potato squeezed out all the waters from it. And made the basket in Muffin tray and baked it first.
And then instead of Eggs, I put boiled pasta, cheese, spinach and cherry tomatoes inside my baked potato.
Baked again as Gaida did in her first recipe.

End result, tadaaan …. Lovely colorful cheesy crispy potato basket with pasta with veggies in it.

Try this out and pls do write your comments to me !!!


  1. Wow.. this looks really interesting. :) Got to try it sometime :)

  2. u added raw spinach leaves? and did u add any seasonings

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I added fresh spinach leaves in the potato basket and for seasoning a tsp of freshly grounded black pepper and salt to taste.


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