Friday, January 6, 2012

Dhal Soup

Happy New Year to all.

Love, Give and Serve - Swami Shantananda Saraswathi.

Let us start the new year with a nice subtle tasting Moong dhal soup.

Few months ago I had this wonderful soup at Annalakshmi Restaurant, Singapore. I was able to persuade  the master chef who made this soup to share the recipe with me.

Simple and easy soup with easily available ingredients. On top of all its very healthy and full of proteins. Okay, I am not talking about the goodness of lentils again in this post. You can check about the nutritional facts of lentils here.

Ingredients :

1/4 cup -- Moong dhal
1 no -- Tomato medium size
1 no -- Green chilli
1 tbsp -- Butter
1 tsp -- Jeera Powder
1/2 tsp -- Turmeric powder
1 -2 no -- Garlic pod
2 tbsp -- Besan / Chickpea flour
2 tsp -- Corriander leaves finely chopped
Salt and Pepper powder to taste

Method :
--- Pressure cook the Moong dhal, until the dhal becomes mushy and disintegrate its shape.
--- While that is cooking, grind the garlic and the chilli to a fine paste.
---  Heat the butter in a sauce pan in medium heat. Add the ground garlic mixture and saute them for few seconds and add the besan / chickpea flour, turmeric and fry in the butter.
--- Once a nice aroma comes from the flour, add jeera powder, cut tomatoes and mix well.
--- Turn the flame to low and add the cooked moong dhal and mix well in the flour mixture.
--- Add 1 cup water and cook for few minutes. According to taste add salt and pepper. Please bare in mind that we used a chilli in the first.
--- After 5 - 7 minutes garnish with fresh corriander leaves and serve warm.

Sumptuous restaurant style soup is ready to serve. Try not to over power the taste with  garlic or Jeera. It will change the taste of the soup.


  1. Happy new year .. yummy kickstart n healthy one to begin the year.

  2. Just mouthwatering...looks so yummy & delicious!

  3. Super comforting soup,prefect for chilled weather..


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