Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Special 1 - Tangy Javvarsi Vadaam

Javvarsi vadam, the best side dish for the all the rice.

Vadam laid out to dry in my terrace. I am happy to be a part of this big vadam project. Last month, I went to my hometown and spent some days with my parents. My sister and my brother also joined me. It was a family reunion after 2 years with lots of fun with some sad moments.

As I said in my earlier post Maavadu, my mom work like a factory and makes pickles, vadams. As the summer season comes, she makes yummy homemade vadams and distributes to all. Oh yes, she sent some to Chicago too.

Since we all were there, my mom did little extra this time. While myself, mom and my sister-in-law were working on the vadam, my sister took care of the two vaalu kids.

Ingredients :

1/2 kg -- Javvarsi / sago
100 gm -- Green chillies
2 nos -- juice from Lemon
Salt as per taste
** Since this is my mom's recipe, all the measurements are in weight.

Method :
--- Soak the javarsi over night. Let the volume of the water be double the volume of javvarsi.
--- Next day morning, wash the green chillies and grind them to a fine paste . As you all know the measure of chilly depends on one's taste. So adjust accordingly.
--- Take a big thick bottom vessel with 2 litre of water and bring it to boil.
--- Once it starts boiling, add the javvarsi,  chilly paste and cook. You can very much control the chilly now also.
--- Accordingly add salt to the mixture and cook until javvarsi is cooked fully and becomes transparent pearls.
--- The whole mixture becomes little thick, like kanji consistency.
--- Turn thr heat off and let it cool for few minutes.
--- Pour the lemon juice to the mixture and mix well.
--- Vadam kuzhu (liquid mixture) is ready.

--- Now comes the big part. Take some big plastic sheets and wash them thoroughly and drip out the water completely. You can also use white cloth for laying the vadams. But we prefer the sheet because, its easy to peel the vadam.
--- Lay the plastic sheet in the open terrace or where you can get proper sunlight and secure all the corners.
--- Now take the liquid mixture in a small spoon and place it over the plastic sheet.
--- The size of the vadam is up to your imagination. Place the vadam mixture in a row with some space between two, because when it spreads it will not touch the next in the row.
--- After a day if it comes peel the vadam from the sheet and dry it for 4-5 days until whole water is absorbed.
--- Then store it in a airtight box.

Always try to keep this vadam project in the early mornings before the sun. Fry the vadam in the oil or cook it in the microwave oven and enjoy when ever you want a crunch.

We enjoyed this tangy vadam along with a summer cool salad. Will post the salad recipe shortly :))


  1. to have rasam rice...yummy and perfect..

  2. wow, love those rows of papad, I would do everything to get my hands on those :)

  3. Crispy vadaam looks fabulous, never tried adding lemon, quite new for me;.

  4. Nice way to utilise this hot summer..looks crispy n yummy

  5. thats just perfect.. love the vadams.. nice tip about using the plastic sheet.. last time when me and my friends layed it on a cloth and like u said it was hard to peel it of.. keep posting more traditional dishes like these.. :) thanks !

    New to your space and Happy to follow u.

    Do visit me as time permits

  6. what a delightful post! Reminds me of the good old days when we had to sit on the terrace with an umbrella to shoo the crows away from amma's vadams which were lined up exactly like your pics show and peeling them off the veshtis were a delightful experience - Wonderfully nostalgic post Preethi - Thanks for sharing :)


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