Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our long trip and the foodie bag

We went to Pennsylvania last week .Hey hey...a long drive after 8 months, we enjoyed a lot. We both with 2 of our friends planned this place a month ahead.

The main highlight of the trip is our foodie bag. This bag is successfully coming with us for almost all our trips.
This time we took some foods which will lasts for our three day trip. Poor thing it lasted only for 2 days, because nothing was left for the third day. Do you want to know what I took for our trip :

1.Idlies – 32 nos
2.Chappathis – 50 nos
3.Puli Sadam – 2 big boxes (1 liter capacity each)
4.Thakkali Thokku – You can imagine how much I would have made to fulfill both Idlies and Chappathis
5.Curd – 1 litre
6.Oats + Raisin Cookies – 3 dozen
7.Chocolate Chip cookies – 3 dozen

Everybody enjoyed the food , its unfortunate that we didn't take a proper photos of my food.

One more main highlight was we had the food in so many different places
1.Out side a service plaza with mosquito bites
2.In the middle of a Lancaster, Amish county place besides a stream under a small tree. (It was more romantic)
3.A very funny place inside the car, outside a shop under hot sun.

We all enjoyed the trip a lot with the good home cook food.

If you have any funny experience, pls write to me

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