Thursday, September 30, 2010

Power of Turmeric

Turmeric, Vermillon, Haldi, Manjal in Tamil, Pasupu in Telugu -- Many names with many faces.

This post is all about Turmeric. I am going to share my good old memories with Turmeric, with some facts.

Last week, when we were shopping in a Homeopathic shop for my Mother in-law, we found this Nutrition magazine. This magazine is all about Natural ingredients and its medicinal value. While we are glancing the book, we came across an article about Turmeric. Later that day, me and my Mother in-law  had a very good discussions about the turmeric.

Do you know a fact, it is called as South Indian Saffron. Erode in Tamil Nadu is the world's largest producer of Turmeric.

Turmeric - we use in our daily life in wide variety of way.
Cooking, always comes first in every bodies mind. We always add few pinch in our daily cooking.
Next comes our rituals. Vermillon plays a vital role in our Hindu Religion.
In early days when we were kids, my mom ask us to write the monthly grocery list and always first thing we write is 'மஞ்சள்' (Manjal). We can see in all houses that people will apply Turmeric in the main door to welcome, the Goddess, Lakshmi. Turmeric is equally treated as a most sacred ingredient . In all Poojas, Wedding or any function its important we have Turmeric.

Another form of turmeric, where we come often is cosmetics. It is mainly used in soaps, face creams, etc. High five to 'Vicco turmeric' girls, I also one among those. When me and my sister were kids, all Fridays we apply Turmeric + coconut oil all over our skin. My mom always say that it will heal all the skin diseases and gives shine to our skin. Later days, we stopped doing that, its a different story :)) Ha, ha, ha...

These are the forms which we know mainly about Turmeric. But the main form of turmeric is as a Medicine. It is an anti bacterial agent. It got a healing power to heal almost all major disease. Digestive problems, Liver disease, Arthritis, Brain and Mood benefits, Cancer, specially Breast cancer.
'Curcumin' is an antioxidant found in turmeric. This is main ingredient in all the medicine which helps to cure the above diseases.
To know more about turmeric, pls check in below sites :
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Every mother will give masala milk - A cup of milk with a pinch of pepper and a pinch of Haldi powder, when we cough badly. We will feel a nice soothing effect after drinking the warm milk.

Last but not least it is used as colouring agent, Natural dye. Hey, its my subject, I can't leave this :))
Moral of the story -- Prevention is better than cure.
Why to gulp medicines when we have immediate solution in our hand. Include turmeric in the food and daily life and get rid of all disease in initial stage.


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