Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Phyllo Pastry

I did not complete any work yesterday. There were a couple of posts still half way, sometime later I wanted to draw, after few attempts dropped it. Totally all my thoughts were jammed with too many things, so started cleaning my fridge. Had some left overs in lot of big containers. Also had small qty of Mozzarella, feta cheese, Phyllo sheets, Spinach and some vegetables.

Tadaan, idea ! Why can't I make Spanakopita triangles ??? Immediately went to Chef In You to look for the recipe. My god DK has used varieties of cheeses. I'm not having that much and moreover don't want to include that much amount of cheese, I m not a fitness freak, but still !!!

In my own style along with Spinach, i included one carrot, one small potato, 2 stems of Celery and 1/2 cup peas and made delicious Spanakopita triangles.
If you have Pastry sheet at home then you are the king, we can do any sweet or savory using it.

Ok, let see the brief history of Pasty sheet :

'Phyllo' dough originated in Greece, meaning 'Leaf', often referred to as a baked good that holds a filling to create a recipe. Still used in traditional Greek cuisine, especially in deserts and appetizers.

Its a light dough made out of flour, oil and water, commonly used as a pastry in Greek and also in Middle Eastern recipes.
Eleventh-century Turkish used an early form of it to create layered breads and with the rise of the Ottoman Empire, phyllo-based pastries became a jewel of Turkish cuisine. Machines for producing filo pastry were perfected in the 1970s,

The dough is simple enough to use in its chilled state. It is too delicate to handle, if exposed much time to open air then it will become brittle. Each sheets are to be separately greased enough to get a nice flaky pastries. Too much filling inside will become soggy and all the ingredients are to be carefully added,

Phyllo dough is easy to roll up and create layers within the food; this is one of the reasons why it is such a popular ingredient in many appetizers and desserts.
For more information, pls check the below sites :

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