Friday, April 16, 2010

Veppampoo (Neem Flower)

Yesterday we celebrated Tamizh New year with Traditional food, we invited some of our friends for dinner.

The main Highlight in the food was Vepampoo (neem flower) pachadi, Mango Pachadi and poli.

Vepam Poo -- Its my favorite one. I love it at anytime and every time.
Tiny little white flowers.

(Image Source - Google Images)

Earlier days in our neighboring plot we had a couple of neem tree which shed all its flowers and leaves in our back yard. My house was always filled with the aroma of neem flowers.
Still remember I used to climb over our water tank to collect the fresh flowers for doing Pachadi. Also we will always have dried flowers in stock at home. MY mom will fry it and mix with rice or will make nice rasam. I will always call that rasam as 'Katta erumbu rasam' (Big Black ant rasam)

Vepam poo pachadi - Tastes bitter, sweet and tangy also.
Surprisingly we got the dried flowers in our Indian shop.

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