Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Banana Bread

Bananas are the one and only fruit in my grocery list every week. Never knows how it gets over in my home. Some times my husband will have it for the break fast. I used to eat bananas for breakfast and also as main meal for my Lunch not now...! Those are the days, before my in-laws arrival.
Also I mainly use it for baking, will always use bananas in the place of eggs. So in some form we will have bananas daily.

Last week, we had left with over ripen Bananas. From the day it started to change color from normal yellow to golden yellow, my mother in law was asking us to eat. Me and my husband found the jar of cookies more tempting. After a day, the color of the banana changed more, the black dots over the skin spread all over the banana. Neither I liked to eat it or to throw. So decided to bake cookies using it.

I wasted one more day and the bananas were looking very bad at this point, the skin was totally blackish, but fortunately the fruit inside was unspoilt. I searched for a new dish and found one but I could not try that as the quantity of banans that I had was not sufficient. Planning to make tomorrow, if it turns out well sure I will share with you.

With the above mentioned 2 bananas, I did banana bread, from 'Medhaa's' blog. It was a big surprise to my in-laws and to my husband, because I just went inside the kitchen and came out with a lovely, tasty bread. Didn't gave them any hint about baking.

Recipe here.


  1. I love these...looks so tempting

  2. Preethi,
    Thank you dear for your feedback I am so glad the cake turned out wonderful :)

    This banana bread looks awesome!

  3. Oh by the way I have recently started a new section on my blog "Show Me Your Creations" where I encourage people to share their experiences if they have tried any dish from my blog, care to send in your entry of the date cake? Let me know, thanks!


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