Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dual Sauce Pasta

Hope you all had a wonderful Navaratri. I had a blissful time filled with pooja in the mornings and with some wonderful dance and music performances by the students of Temple of Fine Arts in the evenings. It has been 3 days since Vijayadasami but I still have not fully gotten out of the Navaratri mood yet!!  Hopefully getting back to blogging will help me parachute back to reality. So, here comes, with twice the processing power...err.. I mean , twice the goodness of your normal pasta - The Dual Sauce Pasta!!

You can taste the hot and spicy taste from the vegetable sauce and a nice creamy cheesy tangy, garlicky taste from the white sauce. I found this interesting recipe while watching the  Food Network show '30 minutes meal' hosted by Rachael Ray. Of course she used a meat sausage and some chicken stuff in her red sauce, but I tried it in my style with whole lot of vegetables.

Ingredients :

1/2 lb -- Pasta

For Red Sauce
1 No -- Onion big size
1 No -- Roma tomatoes
1.5 to 2 cups -- Diced vegetables
1/2 cup -- Tomato puree
3 - 4 tsp -- Chili powder
100 gm -- Fresh paneer cubes (optional)
3-4 tbsp -- oil
1 tsp -- Garam masala powder
2-3 tsp -- lemon juice
Salt to taste
Few Cilantro to garnish

For White Sauce
1 cup -- Milk
4 tbsp -- Butter
2 tsp -- All purpose flour
1 -2 pods -- Garlic
1/2 cup -- Cheese
Black pepper and salt to taste

Method :
First comes the red vegetable sauce
--- In a pan add the oil and heat the pan in a medium flame. Once it is hot add the paneer cubes and fry until the crust turns slightly brownish.
--- Take the paneer out and keep it aside. In the same pan, add the diced onions and cook until the onions are soft.
--- To the onions add cut vegetables and the diced tomatoes. I used beans, carrots, potatoes, frozen corns, green bell pepper and peas.
--- Add tomato puree, chili powder, salt and little water to the vegetables and  cook until the vegetables are soften.
--- I like to have a little heat in my veggie sauce, which will  balance out the creamy sauce. You can very much adjust the chili powder according to your taste.
--- Add the fried paneer, garam masala powder and lemon juice and mix well. The colourful vegetable red sauce is ready.

Now comes the White Sauce
--- Before we start the sauce, cook the pasta as per the instruction given. You can try this recipe with any shape pasta.
--- Take another pan in low flame, add butter. Once it is melted add couple of teaspoons of all purpose flour. This all purpose flour helps to thicken the white sauce.
--- It will be good if you add the flour in initial stages, so that it will be cooked and also no lumps will be formed.
--- Fry the flour until nice aroma comes from the butter flour mixture.
--- Add a cup of milk to the mixture and cook. The milk will cook the flour further and  thicken the white sauce. If you need more sauce, you can dilute with water or more milk.
--- Grate the garlic, and add to the white sauce along with salt and pepper.
--- Add the cheese and mix well. Put the flame off and add the cooked pasta and mix well.

How to serve
--- Take the serving plate and put the creamy cheesy pasta in the middle of the plate.
--- Make a well in the middle of the pasta
--- Now scoop a big spoon full of vegetable sauce and pour into the pasta well.
--- Garnish with chopped cilantro on top and serve warm. 

The colours so attractive and inviting, everybody will love to dig into the pasta well and enjoy the colourful pasta.


  1. what a neat idea, looks delicious.

  2. Looks colourful and super delicious..

  3. I like the concept of dual sauce, never saw anything like this before, would love to give it a try to the mix of flavors.


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