Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mughal feast for lunch

Yesterday was the last working day of the year. In my husband's office only very few were working, excluding him ! He stayed at home and helped me in making the cake. That is the another story, will tell you in my next post.
Since he was at home I decided to make a richer meal than I normally would. We also invited some of our friends for the lunch. I did a mini Mughal feast with vegetable pulav and malai kofta.

I tried the vegetable pulav recipe from Kitchen - The Chef's Paradise by Gayathri. I love the richness of the vegetable pulav.  My temptation level reached its peak after seeing her pulav and the stepwise snaps. Most of the time  rice in the pulav will get smashed a little, luckily not this time. Though I did not use basmathi rice, my vegetable pulav came out good.
Since I made this for a larger group, did some variation from the original recipe.
*** I used green chilly paste, grinded with few cashews and coconut. This gave more flavour to the rice.
*** Along with the green vegetables, I added the uncooked rice in the pressure cooker and cooked it for a whistle.

A small tip - If your vegetable pulav or fried rice has gone little towards salty or spicy taste, then just add few lemon juice and mix well. The lemon taste will suppress them and give a little tangy taste to the rice.

Next comes, malai kofta.

My friend Kirthana's mom has been asking me to try this recipe because she wanted to make this for Kirthana's birthday party. Since I never tried this before, I was hesitating a little to give a try. Starting trouble :))
As soon as I planned to make vegetable pulav, without any second thoughts, I decided to make malai Kofta as a side dish. I had no idea how to make the malai kofta. As usual I searched the recipe and found many. In all the method, everybody have told to deep fry the koftas. Luckily I found a recipe, where koftas were baked.
I tried the baked malai kofta from Sandhya's Kitchen, you can find the recipe here.
***I baked the kofta for 35-40 minutes, until they become crisp. Isn't this looks so yummy :))

We all enjoyed the nice mughal's feast, vegetable pulav and the yummy malai kofta.

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  1. Wow!!This is definitely a Mughalai Feast!!Looks so delicious and absolutely love the colors of the dishes!!


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