Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spinach Veggie soup

My laptop caught a virus and fell sick a fine morning and it took a week of heroic efforts from my husband and his friend to bring it back to pristine health. Thanks to 'draft' option in the Blogger, I was able to retrieve all the posts that I had completed a week ago. So after a long gap, here comes Spinach Veggie soup to recover any kind illness. Oh come on, Man or machine - soup is the best healing food

I have to admit that I was never crazy about soups. Almost all of my encounters with soups were in the form of ready-made soups, which have dried vegetables in it. I felt these flavours taste the same. Only the colors were different.

I love fresh vegetables. 99% I buy fresh vegetables only. No frozen or tinned stuffs. Now, weekly once you can find a soup in my dinner menu. No more store bought soups. I started making my own chunky fresh veggie soups. I love to have chunks of vegetables in my every spoon. Easy to make, hearty to eat.

Last week, I tried the spinach vegetable soup for my birthday dinner party. Oh, everybody like it.

Ingredients : Serves - 4 person
1 cup --- Chopped vegetables***
1 no --- Medium size onion
2 no --- medium size Roma tomatoes
2 tbsp --- Butter (optional) / Olive oil
1 cup --- spinach
Salt and ground pepper to taste
*** Combination of vegetables will be great for the soup
Carrot, beans, potatoes, peas, celery.

Method :
--- Maximum try to use fresh vegetables than the frozen or canned one.
--- In a sauce pan add the butter and turn the heat to medium.
--- Saute the onions until it turns translucent. Add all the vegetables and cook, until tender.
--- Meanwhile in a pan cook the whole tomato and the spinach leaves with a cup of water. After few minute, the skin tomatoes will shrink and cracks.
--- Take the tomatoes out, cool them and take the skin off.
--- Now, we go to the other pan which is cooking vegetables. Check whether the vegetables are cooked, once done turn the heat off.
--- In a blender, put the tomatoes, cooked spinach with the water and few cooked vegetables less than half quantity and blend it.
--- Turn the heat on, take the sauce pan which is having the cooked vegetables, add the tomato mixture from the blender. The blend mixture give the thickness and texture to the soup.
--- Add 3 cups of water to the mixture and cook for 10 minutes. You can increase or reduce the water accordingly depending upon the soup consistency.
--- Now its time to give little taste to the soup, add freshly ground pepper and salt, cook for 2-3 minutes.
--- Turn off the heat and serve warm with bake pakodas.


  1. Love this soup...Rich and delicious!!


  2. Soup looks yum and I like those pakodas too ...:)

  3. Very tempting bowl of delicious soup.

  4. The creamy and healthy soup will help bring your lap top to normalcy soon ;) Lovely soup!


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