Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peanut butter cookies

I like to eat the peanuts only in two dishes - peanut laddu / kadala mittai and in my mom's eggplant kootu. I don't like peanuts in any other dish or in any other form. It doesn't mean that i will not eat or cook foods using peanuts, but those two are my favorite dish.

You know, I stopped eating more chocolates and Ice creams here. Some of the chocolates have peanuts and all the ice creams are topped with peanuts. But I like to see the 'Jif' peanut butter advertisements. Oh, they are very nice and lovely. The kids featuring in those ads will be very cute. Since I like the advertisement, I wanted to taste the butter at least once.

I tried this cookies from  Dhivya's Dil se... blog four days ago. They tasted delicious. The cookies were flaky and soft. Everybody certified that this was the best cookies I ever baked. I baked nearly 50-60 cookies and they were all gone in 48 hours.

Ingredients and Method :
I followed exactly the same from Dil se..., you can click here to find the recipe.

From now on, I will add this peanut butter cookies in my favorite peanut list.


  1. Hi Preetha,
    Happy New Year! Cookies look perfect. Thanks for trying and glad you liked them. These are very addictive right? I have made this several times. I buy PB especially for this recipe. I have also tried adding PB in banana breads and it has become our favorite now. BTW, your pictures look great! What camera do you use?

  2. Preetha..I am waiting for the parcel..Looks so yumm..


  3. Perfect looking cookies u've got!

  4. Damn pretty looking cookies..


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