Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say NO to Deep fry !

Nowadays all of us are more health (fat) conscious. The moment we think of eating fatty items we immediately think about the health, our intake calories, daily workouts, blah, blah, blah....

I like to eat deep fried snacks like hot spicy pakoras, bajjis, Home made chips etc, occasionally, when I am enjoying the good weather like a rainy day, breezy evening, or bone chilling cold. Before marriage my mom used to make delicious evening snacks . If I talk about fat, high calories to her, she would laugh at me and  say that once in a while if you eat nothing will happen. She is my role model in cooking and in eating.

After marriage, I am also little concerned about the health. Not cooking deep fry items. (This because of my hubby). But I was surprised when I come to know about baking instead of deep frying.  Thanks to all, whoever did this research and shared your healthy recipe to us.

Some of the items I regularly do at home for nice yummy, spicy crunchy snacks.


When I saw this recipe first, felt as if I got a treasure pot from nowhere. I couldn't believe that we can bake pakodas instead of deep frying.
I tried two different kinds of pakodas - crunchy one and a bit chewy one.

Procedure : For Crunchy type
All the steps are same except frying. Final step, line up on the baking sheet and bake it @ 400 F for about 20 min. I tried this recipe from 'Trendy Relish'.
Procedure : For Chewy type
Add equal measure of Besan flour with Whole wheat flour and little Rice flour. Add onions and Cilantro (optional). Without fail add chilly powder or green chillies and salt as per your taste. Mix it with little more water (Like Roti dough consistency).  Baking procedure same as above.
PS: I forgot the site from where I got the recipe from.

Paruppu vadai

A must recipe in all our festive menu.
Procedure : All the steps are same as we do at home except frying. Instead of putting in to the oil, line up on the cookie, sheet brush little oil on batter and bake it @ 400 F for about 15 min on each side. That's it ! the taste is similar to how we deep fry it. This recipe is from Chef in you . more information our vadai is called as 'Falafel' here. For more details check here

Baked Nippattu

Nippattu, the name itself is so fascinating, isn't it !!! It is a savory cookie. The main Ingredient is Maida, like other cookies 'Baking powder' is an important ingredient, rest all other ingredients like spices, onions etc. are optional and as per our taste.
It is a Karnataka recipe, I tried from website called ' Red Chillies '. You can see the ingredients and the procedures of this baked Nippattu here .

Say NO to deep fry and enjoy eating healthy food.


  1. This was really good, I have also started baking stuffs instead of frying after marriage (because of my husband ;)) Nice to know people like me :). You have a great blog I too have the idea of creating one..but have not yet started.... coook more & enjoy!!!

  2. These ideas are really good :) I browsed thru some more recipes of yours and I like your style of writing - very candid and from the heart! Will come back more often :)

    By the way, this is Divya. I've started blogging recently after developing interest in cooking and trying new recipes(which happened as a result of a good number of successes after which i gained more confidence).


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