Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fresh Plum bread

 I baked bread last week for the first time. Baking bread has been my desire for long time. As once DK said, even I used to think baking bread is only possible in the bakery and big oven. From what I gathered from many cookery blog I realised that this might be possible even at my home. So I tried a recipe from my favorite site, Chef in you

I tried this recipe using Sour cream instead of Butter milk. Also I topped this bread with lots of walnuts and oats. After an hour the aroma filled the whole house. After waiting for few more minutes, delicately took the bread from the pan.

This is again one more sweet surprise to my in-laws. It tasted little sour, sweet with each bite leaving a rich and delightful taste of plum and nuts. If you like to try this bread, pls click here .


  1. Looks so gud...and your blog template looks very nice

  2. hi madam,
    wow. looking very nice.take one piece on behalf of me also.


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