Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quinoa Bisibelabath

I had a good time in Chennai this time. After two years of our marriage this is the first time we were with our parents for Deepavali. Everybody was happy and excited, including the rain God. He was so happy and didn't let me go out for shopping too... Thank God, I did my shopping here in Singapore itself.
Hope you all had a good Deepavali too.

Coming to our recipe, this is the same Bisibelabath from another angle. Oh I am not talking about the photo angle :D

Okay, what new this time? Tried Bisibelabath with quinoa.

Quinoa bisibelabath, the recipe is the same as cracked wheat. Only difference is cooking quinoa. I cooked a cup of quinoa sepeately and did sambar seperately and then mixed both. As a last step , seasoned the quinoa mixture with mustard seeds, jeera and lots of channa dal and urad dal.
I cooked quinoa seperately because it heps to retain the texture of the quinoa without going all mushy. If you like you can follow the same procedure like cracked wheat. For cracked wheat bisibelabath recipe, click here.
Enjoyed the delicious bisibelabath with crunchy vadam and with beans paruppusli.


  1. Love this healthy BBB,simply love with potato chips.makes me hungry.

  2. looks irresistible and quit addictive..fabulous dish.

  3. Never tried quinoa,sounds interesting!

  4. can you please post the full recipe of quinoa bisibellabath...thank you


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