Friday, December 16, 2011

Cream of vegetable soup

Last weekend we decided to eat out and headed to our favourite restaurant here. As usual the food did not disappoint and we stuffed ourselves up. Guilt began to bite us and we thought a long walk would quieten it. Walked along  the beautifully decorated Orchard Road. Oh yeah, also saw the male models standing outside the Abercombie&Fitch outlet to celebrate the opening of their new shop in Singapore. This is the hot news here, with all the local news channels covering this for the past one week.

The food we had this time was a little different from our usual one. I wanted to try them at home in my style. This cream of vegetable soup is one among them.  Most of the time I prepare tomato soup and red coloured vegetable soup. So I wanted to try this soup since it tasted so rich, creamy and with lots of vegetables, of course the color is different from what I used to cook:)

Very easy to make and satisfies your heart and stomach.

Ingredients :

1 cup -- Cut vegetables
1 no -- Onion (small size)
1 pod -- Garlic
2 cups -- Water or Vegetable stock.
2 tsp -- Corn flour
1 tbsp -- Butter
1/4 cup -- Milk
1/4 cup -- Heavy cream (optional)
1/4 cup -- Grated cheese (optional)
Black pepper and salt to taste

Method :
--- Heat the sauce pan to the medium heat and add butter.
--- Slice the onion, garlic and saute them in the butter. After a minute add the cut vegetables.
*** Choose the vegetables according to your taste. I used yellow and green coloured bell peppers, carrots, peas. Also cut the vegetable to small thin pieces. You can use cauliflower, broccoli, beans, corns, choices are endless.
--- Once they are half cooked add water or vegetable stock, pepper, salt and cook well.
--- Now take the corn flour and dissolve in the milk without any lumps. Pour the mixture to the cooking stock.
--- Cook until a creamy thick soup is formed. It will take about 3 - 5 minutes.
--- Last stage. add heavy cream and cheese and mix well . Turn the heat off.
--- Heavy cream and cheese are optional, this adds more rich taste to the soup.
I did not use cheese in this soup. Without that itself my soup tasted just like  the one we had in the restaurant.
Restaurant style cream of vegetable soup is ready to serve at your table.


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