Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to Preethi Bhojan

Me and the art of cooking have had a on and off relationship.

When in school " Hotel Management and Catering Technology " was my dream career. Fortunately or unfortunately, a middle class high school girl does not have much choice in selecting her career. I did a course in Textile Technology,loved every moment of it and did not have much time to think about anything else. Before I got married my relationship with food usually began only after it was in a plate in front of me. Not that I did not cook at all. I was a Okay cook and used to help out my mother and aunt occasionally but I was nowhere near being passionate about the art of cooking.

But now the whole world has changed :)) I love to cook a lot. A lot of great food blogs and some superb shows on the Food Network - coupled with an conventional oven in my apartment that we moved into - have kindled an interest in me and the result of my love is "PREETHI BHOJAN".

In other terms its " God's Prasadam ". My Mother-in-law always tells " whatever we are eating and cooking is all Prasadam."

"பார்த்ததும், சமைத்ததும்" literally means " what I am seeing, I am cooking "
This blog is all about that. All things about food that I enjoyed.

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  1. GOod Luck with your new blog. Nice to see your recipes. BTW, where did you do Textile Technology?


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