Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Staple food

For the past two days, I am doing only Idlis for lunch and Noodles for dinner.Wish I could cook something different today for dinner. Though it sounds good, Its not at all satisfying.
In our cusine eating rice with more cereals for the lunch is a must. I have seen lot of people eat roti because of its dietary benefits.Even they iclude atleast a cup of rice in their lunch. We cannot imagine any party, functions without rice. All our festivals are also unique in term of food / prasadam we serve.

When i think about our food culture always wonder what a normal American will eat as a lunch. Its a big question for me and my Hubby. What they really eat ? What is their staple food ?
Do they only eat chicken, meat or some thing like that along with a salad and burgers ? I started to see the food netwok channel to find the answer for our question. And daily I am seeing the same thing.

Sometime very rarely they cook pasta, rice and Pizzas but most of the time its only Chicken, prawns and any kind of meat.

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