Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recipes, Tried and tasted (tested) - Thattai

The one nice thing which I am doing now-a-days is cooking. Cooking good and healthy food. If I am bored at home, immediately I will check for new recipe and give it a try instantly, No, i m not joking, that's how I learnt lot about cooking.

Thanks a ton, to all food blogger for sharing wonderful healty recipes.
Here, I am going to post all the recipes which I tried, tasted and tested, of course it is a test for my hubby :)). I m sure he likes it.

Diwali Special : Thattai

This is my very, very special recipe in many aspects... This is the first recipe which I tried from for my first Diwali from a site called "Chef in You" . When I wanted to try this, I had so many silly doubts. Immediately I wrote to DK and got it clarified. Thattai was a big hit in my Diwali bakshanam. It lasted only for a day. My hubby and his friend finished it on a day.
This recipe introduced me to a new blogger friend, DK. To see her recipe, please click here.
Hey, one more thing, after somedays my "Thattai" photo along with the thanking notes got published in the  'Chef in you' site. If you want to see that, you can check it out here

I was so happy, felt like flying in the air.

Its always nice isn't it, when our little work got appreciation !!!

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