Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chocolate brownies

A month ago, I bought some ingredients for making "Classic chocolate fudge brownies", a bookmarked recipe from 'Chef in you'. Don't know why I waited a long time to give it a try. Last Thursday after watching the serial "Everybody loves Raymond" my temptation towards brownies reached the climax. Immediately went to the kitchen and started doing it.

Before that let me tell you what tempted me to do brownies. Let me tell you in short about the serial, for those who don't know ? Everybody Loves Raymond - A hilarious comedy serial. Raymond is a main character and the whole story goes around him and his family. His wife Debra, daughter Ally and Twins Michale and Jeffery. He resides opposite to his parents house. His father is a Korean war veteran named Frank Barone and mother Marie, House wife. Raymond has a big brother named Robert, NYPD Sergeant. If you like to watch the serial, click here and enjoy it. Its our all time favorite comedy serial.

OK, let me come to the point about last week Episode, Its a Christmas eve, Marie and Debra were in kitchen preparing dinner after exchanging gifts. Marie - consider herself as a master cook, prepares her special Brownies with Walnut. As Raymond enters inside the kitchen, she offers him the spatula to lick it. He takes and starts licking it.
After seeing this, who will not get tempted to eat brownies !

I followed all the procedures and set my oven in baking :))

 After cooling the brownies in the pan, I applied a nice thick chocolate frosting on top and kept in the fridge to set completely.

After 30 minutes took the knife and ran through the sides of the pan to make sure the brownies come out easily from the pan. Then I turn upside down and patted on the bottom of the pan. After few seconds top part of the brownies fell off and the bottom still sticking to the pan. I was shocked to see it.
Felt like crying, called my hubby and told him. He convinced me a lot and asked me to try again after some time. The brownies tasted good, I don't want to throw them. An idea flashed my mind, I scratched down all the brownies from the pan, mixed them with the top frosting part . Voila ! made a yummy chocolate walnut balls out of it.

When my husband was back from office, he thought that I lied to him, because those brownie balls tasted delicious. Though I made some mistake the end product was good. Felt more satisfied and happy.

Small fact about brownies - Brownies are introduced in the end of 19th century and got more popularized in US and Canada in the mid of 20th Century only.


  1. the browine balls looks yummy...what's in the shape as long as it taste gud rite? Gud going dear..time to start following ur blog now :)

  2. I watch that show almost everyday. It is fun and relaxing to watch when I get back from work. The idea of that chocolate nutty laddo sounds really delectable to me.


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