Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Milk story - Milk cake

As always last week I bought 2 gallons of milk. Normally I finish it off with in 2 weeks.

Daily my hubby has it along with cereals for breakfast, but last couple weeks he is getting up late and almost rushing to office straight from the bathroom. Also I make my own fresh curd every 2 days, this time it also failed me. For the past one year I have been making my own curd as a daily ritual and excepting just a handful of days it use to come beautifully well. Wondering what happened this time, my milk is not turning as curd at all. I tried options like putting a chilly and a very small piece of tamarind in the milk along with the curd but still the curd was not good. Left with  no option, I started buying 'Desi curd' from Indian grocery

I had a gallon of milk left in my fridge with yesterday's expiry date. I felt terrible about having to throw it all away.  So I started searching Milk sweet recipes. Suddenly I thought of my Auntie who once sent us a milk sweet from Chennai. It was fantastic. Last night, I called her, took the recipe and tried it in a litre of milk.

Milk cake - Easy available ingredients but time taking process. Though its a little painstaking process in the end all your effort will be rewarded.

Ingredients : 5 measures of milk, 3 measures of Sugar and 1 measure of Ghee
Procedure : Mix all the ingredients and boil until the milk mixture becomes one third. Stir it becomes to the Halwa stage.
Time : 3.30 hrs

The aroma of the milk sugar mixture filled my whole room. It took 2 hours to come to a stage of condensed milk.

Nobody can go wrong with this recipe. In different stage we can get different kind of milk sweet.

Stage 1 - After 3 .15 hours the milk will be in a molten lava stage, called 'Theratti pal'. A famous south Indian dish.

Stage 2 - Further boiling will thicken the milk more. Now you can pour it on to a greased tray. Cut in to desired shapes. It will be bit soft like the one below.

Stage 3 - Boil the mixture until it leaves  the sides of pan. Then as usual pour it on to the greased tray, cut it and eat it. This will be hard milk cake.

In any of these stages the end result will be a sweet and delicious one. Enjoy the Milk sweet :)


  1. hehe like the story and te sweet...yummy...

  2. After thirattipal, how long does it take to make cake ? like should we think of 5 hours?


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